Motivational Speaking

As a motivational speaker, I know what it takes to move an audience and rekindle the fire of hope, passion and ambition within them.

Through my honesty, candidness, friendliness and humorist approach, I build rapport with the crowd almost instantly.

My corporate background with Tetra Pak and Nestle, along with my coaching experience with over 20 nationalities, have made me a very well rounded professional who understands what it takes to thrive in a multi-cultural society/workplace.

My motivational speech can be delivered in Arabic or English, and can be adapted to corporate, entrepreneurial and academic audiences, inspiring them to…

  • Overcome their fears
  • Create something from nothing
  • Understand their human footprint
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude
  • Believe in their hopes, dreams and aspirations
  • Capture the true meaning of their lives
  • Understand their life purpose
  • Motivate them from within
  • Reach self-actualization
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Thank you Rawan for everything, for being a life coach and a friend, having you in my life is a true blessing.

Entrepreneur and Business Owner