Tina S

(Marketing Manager)

Ever felt you are on a treadmill, going at full speed, not knowing how to slow down or even stop to think about what is going on around you? That was me before I met Rawan. I was easily frustrated, stressed out and found myself shouting at the person closest to me, my fiancee. I knew I needed to speak with someone and re-prioritise my 'life' choices so I did some research about Life Coaching on a friends recommendation, and found Rawan, who contacted me to meet up soon after registering.

As soon as I met Rawan and we started talking about Life Coaching I knew I had found the right person to speak to, a winning combination. From the outset Rawan was honest, supportive, approachable, patient and a great listener. My time with Rawan to date has been very valuable in many ways. My sessions have given me the tools and techniques to make better life decisions and have opened my eyes to life. I am still on that treadmill but I am now controlling the speed!

Rawan is an amazing coach who has an incredible ability to connect with my unconscious and help me uncover root causes to what is affecting my journey to my purpose.

Vice President Strategy,
Hospitality Industry