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A snapshot

I have a ritual. The moment I step into my old room in my parents’ house in Lebanon, I open the drawer next to my bed and reach for my old picture albums. I spend hours there submerged in memories, getting in touch with Rawan through the years. 

We don’t realize how much we’ve changed until we take a look at who we were. I’m not talking only about physical change but about personal growth. We mature; we leave our hometown, leaving behind a natural support system, family and friends that were there all of our lives and venture into the unknown. We take on new challenges and make decisions that put us on a different path, one we probably never thought to find ourselves on. 

The pictures talk to me. The spark in the eyes, the smiles, the warmth of the surroundings… snapshots of nature, hiking trips, outings with friends, different countries, different cultures or maybe a portrait of our everyday life back then; all of these are clues that tell me a lot about the person I was and the person I’ve become. 

Then I stop and ask myself:
Am I happy in my life today? Is the spark still there?
Am I proud of the person I’ve become?
Am I too far from the path I had drawn for myself?
Am I living my dreams?
Have I stayed true to myself?
Is there anything about myself or my life that I would change? Why?

These questions help me to check in and stay grounded. They help me to see the past with new eyes, appreciate the fulfillment and the blessings I am enjoying today and look at the future with hope, love and courage. 

Some memories may be difficult to face. If you buried some pictures that you haven’t looked at for a long time because they remind you of a painful time or trigger some unwanted emotions consider digging them out. Maybe you’re ready to deal with the pain after all this time. Asking yourself the following questions may help you to understand some of your emotions:

– What about those memories is difficult?
– Which aspect of these memories shows up in my life today?
– What would I like to have more of in my life? 
– How can I learn from the past and move forward? 

Pictures might not represent to you what they represent to me but the next time you look at them, try to remove your mask, allow your heart to see what’s there, and let me know what you find!

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