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Yes We Can!

This is an invitation to dig into your deepest self, get in touch with your passions and think, really ponder on the impact that you have on your life, the people around you and the entire world. We are small in this big world of ours and this is often misleading us to believe that we are just one drop in the ocean. 
As Mother Teresa once said “although we are one drop in the ocean, however if this drop didn’t exist it would be lacking”. On her life’s work she once said:”The other day I dreamed that I was at the gates of heaven. And St. Peter said, ‘Go back to Earth. There are no slums up here.’” – 
My wish after you have read this newsletter, is for you to be one step closer to realizing your own magnificence and the importance of your role in this world; one step forward on your journey to fulfillment.

Yes We Can!

What a proud moment in history!! As I was awaiting the results of the US elections and the moment Barack Obama was announced president I felt overwhelmed with happiness and most importantly hope; hope that the world can become a better place for us and our children. Today the world’s super power has dared to make the impossible a reality.
I am not an American and what I am writing here doesn’t come from a place of patriotism but from a deep belief that today is a great day for all those who dream and hope to achieve the impossible. 
We live in a global community and the financial crisis today is the biggest witness to that. What happens at one end of the globe is felt at the other end. I can’t begin to talk about the global issues that we face in the world today from war to poverty to global warming… we are all affected by the decisions of those in positions of power but the one thing that the US elections were definitely able to prove today is the fact that everyone of us CAN make a difference! Millions of people waited for hours to be able to cast their votes, an unprecedented turnout to participate in the elections. Why? Because these people knew that they are electing someone they can trust to turn things around and create a better future. 
Democracy is about equality, freedom and justice. The USA, as a democratic government, have a great impact on how the world perceives equality, freedom and justice. 
As a Lebanese of Palestinian origin, I have heard the painful stories of the Palestinian Diaspora that my grand-parents and father told me, I have lived through the civil war in Lebanon, have been injured in an explosion and I know what it means to live in fear, to lose faith in a better tomorrow and to just be busy surviving while others are growing up in safe and secure environments… I have seen freedom, equality and justice being slaughtered everyday but I knew all along that my destiny is in my hands.
I am writing to all of you today to remind you that your destiny, your future and the future of our world is in the hands of each and everyone of us. 
I am inviting you to consider what is the impact you have on your life and in your community. What is the footprint you are leaving on the planet today? 

If there is one thing that I choose to remember about this particular US electoral campaign, it is the fact that it has restored the faith in the hearts of millions of people and made them believe whole heartedly that they CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Her optimism and confidence in the power of manifestation and positive thinking are infectious. She is like having your own cheer-leading squad as you try to cross the finish line. Thank you Rawan, you're fabulous darling!!!

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