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Winds of Change

We are definitely all riding a tough wave today. All around us we hear stories of people who have just lost their jobs or their lifetime savings. People who went bankrupt because they had all their money in the stock market or in real estate, people who have debts to pay and no income to pay them, a lot of mouths to feed and no way to ease their hunger. You might be lucky enough to have made smart savings over time, to have a secure job or to simply have this recession pass you by without affecting you that much but there is a reality of doom and gloom out there that you cannot ignore. 
So you can choose to stand in a perspective of fear and despair where it is dark all around and there is no room for hope or choose to say NO to the recession and stand in a land of possibilties. 
“Sometimes it is in the wind of change that we find our true direction.” How powerful this message is! Think about that person who just lost his job and instead of crying over his ill-fate decided that it was about time to turn the boat around and start that business he always dreamed of. Or that real-estate agent who was an expert at what she does that she refused to drop her expertise and decided that it was time for her to find new creative ways to attract customers. Or maybe that consultant who thought WOW I can finally actually hire those extremely talented people that were unattainable before to work on my projects! 
The truth is that when we’re in our comfort zone it’s very difficult for us to take that Leap of faith and simply change direction. Sometimes we need something as big as a recession to give us an electric jolt which will throw us off these secure chairs and make us look for opportunities outside our own limitations. 

Are you in the “there’s no hope for tomorrow” perspective? Don’t despair. Just trust in yourself and your own capabilities, have faith in humankind and a better future for all, and think about creative ways that can get you out of this black tunnel and into the land of opportunity. Ask yourself the following questions:
– Who, in my immediate circle of influence can help me get out there and meet new people?
– What is one thing that I always wanted and never seemed to have the time or energy to pursue?
– What can I change tomorrow that will make the biggest difference in my current situation? 

Just remind yourself of your achievements so far. Find it in your heart to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made no matter how big or small and trust that you are powerful beyond imagination. Give yourself permission to make a new beginning and remember that you choose the life you live. 
You’re in the driver seat! Where will you go next?

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