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In Search of Connection

This bit is about human connection, bonding and growth. Think about all the wonderful people in your life, the women, the men and even the children who have touched your life in one way or the other. What’s the role they played in your life and what do they have in common? They’re all special in their own way. 
I know sometimes men feel that women basically make a big deal out of the role they play and I admit that some feminists out there take it a bit too far but the reality is that women are by nature very nurturing and gentle beings that the role they play is very crucial. What would your life be without your mother, your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your best friend, your daughter… ? My mother once told me that I will never really appreciate her until I became a mother myself and she was so right! From childbirth to every moment I spend with my son, I just appreciate my mother more every day. 
What about the men in your life? Your father, husband, brother, son, neighbour, friend…? Their strength, their logical and matter of fact way their structured thinking and DIY skills are definitely needed to complete the somewhat emotional world of women.

Are you looking for connection today? Are you lonely and wish you had spent more time with a person who touched your life when you had the chance? Are you in search of those lost moments that you think are maybe lost forever?
The good news is that you can always make up for it. Even if you can’t nurture a relationship with someone from your past anymore, you can use your experience and knowledge of who you are and who you have become to really change your perspective and grow in a new direction, with new people or maybe with old people that you simply see in a different light. 
We really crave connection in today’s world, just look at what is being created in the cyberspace and you’ll know what I’m talking about. From the social to the professional networking sites to online games and chat rooms… all we’re doing is basically connecting to other people using different shapes and forms of communication. 
What some people are really lacking though is that face to face communication, the other senses that are not being used. The touch and the smell and these have the power of creating memories. 
So if you have locked yourself away for too long and are looking for a different level of human connection go through your emotional database and your memories archive box and I’m sure you’ll find a place you can start from to build a bridge and set out on a new journey.

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