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It’s been hard for me to write this month. My father passed away unexpectedly on May 9th and I needed to get to a place of acceptance before I could communicate with you. Losing a loved one especially when you least expect it is definitely one of the hardest things that life can blow at you. For the first time I really felt that life is so ephemeral. That’s why I decided to dedicate this issue to the memory of my father in honour of love and LIFE, which I hope you will appreciate more by the end of this reading.

Your inbox is never empty

My father was 72 and was working as a consultant in Cairo where he passed away alone in his bed at night. A very peaceful way to go… Carried by angels to a better place. No pain and no struggle. I’m sure he had a lot on his to do list for the next day but never got the chance to tick any of the boxes. He loved his work and always had exciting stories to share with us, lots of challenges and barriers to overcome day after day and the satisfaction he got out of the achievements he made. Without his work he was like a fish out of the water… without it life wouldn’t have had much meaning to him. 
We all have ambitions and dreams and work hard to reach them. Sometimes we work so hard and get caught up in the day to day struggles and demands that we forget to live!
At the funeral I felt like I was elevated and was sitting on a cloud. Suddenly everything was so quiet and I found myself looking down at this life with images passing in front of my eyes. For that moment suddenly life lost its meaning. I thought what’s the use of anything we do if eventually death might creep up on us like this, unannounced and unwelcomed? What’s the point? The answer was clear: ” We think we are human beings having a spiritual experience while in reality we are spirits having a human experience”. (Thanks Johnny for sharing this wisdom)
We are here on a mission and each one of us has a life purpose to fulfill. I know mine is to change lives and this is what brings meaning to the work I do. What’s your life purpose? 
Do you wake up with a smile on your face looking forward to the day ahead and feeling grateful for the things you have? Or do you stumble out of bed, jump into the shower and rush out the door to get to the office on time? And then it’s one email after the other, a phone call, a meeting a quick bite and you keep running until you realize it’s 7pm and you’re still in the office! because, guess what… you inbox will never be empty! Unless you consciously decide to take it easy you will rush through life and before you know it your human experience will be over. 
I invite you now to just stop, take a few deep breaths and evaluate where you are on your path in life. Is there anything you can do to add meaning to what you do? If work is making you neglect yourself, your partner, your family or your friends ask yourself is it really worth it? Sometimes it’s a race to make more money. We think the more money I make the happier I will become whereas in reality you create your own happiness. Money is just a mask that hides the more important things in life and makes them look unimportant. 

My father’s passing taught me that we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Life is a gift that we ought to appreciate and truly enjoy. There will be some tough patches and difficult twists and turns but in the end it will be a hell of a ride!

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