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Moving Forward

So it’s that time of the year where we’re ready to turn the page and start a clean slate. Before we welcome the new year looking ahead at what 2010 will bring, let’s look back at what 2009 gave us or maybe has taken away from us.
Please get a pen and paper and write down 3 things that you absolutely loved about 2009 then write 3 things that you absolutely hated! 
Now looking at what you wrote think about what lessons did each of these carry. I am a big believer in the saying that there are no mistakes in life only new lessons learnt. What were these lessons for you?
Who were you at the beginning of 2009 and who are you now? 
What are the changes you went through and who did you become in the process? Who is reading this right now and what does this person need to make 2010 his/her best year yet?

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