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What’s worth Celebrating?

You can start by celebrating you! Your journey, the lessons you’ve learnt and who you have become in the process. Of course big things are worth celebrating like getting married, becoming a parent, getting that promotion you always wanted… but by focusing on the big things we often forget the small things, the particles that make up the whole!
When our kids are young we celebrate every little thing they do: their first word, their first tooth, their first I love you, their first day of school… today for instance, I’m celebrating my son’s mastery of pedalling his bicycle. He finally got it and he was pedalling away after months of effort and concentration! He kept trying until it finally worked and he was moving forward! If you’re a parent you can identify with what I’m saying. Every single one of our children’s achievements makes them the people they become as they grow up! 
But as we become adults, the excitement of achievement grows old with us. It loses its spark and becomes one of those things that just aren’t a big deal! Whatever we seem to achieve looks so small to us compared to the possibilities that are out there that we decide it’s not worth stopping for. As young children, we belong to a smaller universe where every small step counts. As we grow up this universe becomes so big that we perceive ourselves as merely a speck in it. 
You are not a speck! You are very important. The life you live, the choices you make and who you become have a huge effect on humanity as a whole. Today I invite you to celebrate all the small and the big things in your life. You can have a huge impact on the world, what I’d like to call your human footprint and if you don’t realize the value you bring then I’m afraid no one else will. 
If you were to write a list of all the things that are worth celebrating in your life, what would this list contain? Write your list and may it serve as a reminder to value yourself and all those around you.

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