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So what’s happening with Leap?

The website is having a complete facelift to include all the new services I am offering . It should be live within the next 10 days so be on the lookout for fresh exciting content and a new HTML design!
Since the beginning of the year I have given three workshops that were a complete hit and I was keynote speaker at a well targeted business event where I spoke about success and what my own journey building my business has taught me. It was very well received and this encouraged me to deliver more motivational speeches whenever possible. 
I am planning many more exciting events for the coming months and will be sharing them with you as they happen. 
I love growing my business and I am at this stage in my professional life where I am celebrating the Entrepreneur in me. 
I am very touched to be sharing my journey with you and would like to thank you for witnessing my growth and for supporting me all the way. I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Before meeting Rawan I had spent two years dealing with a depression and just not feeling like I could get my life back on track. I kept asking every person I met how do I get back on track, how do I get over my obstacles... but Rawan was the first person that actually answered!

HR Director,
International Hotel Chain