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Dec 4 - Do you lack Imagination?

It seems that in today’s day and age, life has become so fast, so planned and so predictable that we have lost touch with our imagination. In my role as a coach I work with a lot of professionals who are so wrapped up in the details of their work and life that they forget to use their imagination.

Imagination and creativity go hand in hand. Unless you are in a creative field, chances are the older you get, the more you get attached to your habits, the more you lose touch with your cr... cont...

Oct 28 - How Powerful Women Shape our World

The Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world is out! Not too many surprises there except that I was expecting a few of the women to rank higher than they did. So I wondered what goes into the selection process and here is what I found as written by Caroline Howard, Forbes staff: “From a preliminary group of over 250 candidates from around the world, we select the 100 most influential women from eight categories or power bases: billionaires, business, celebrity, finance, media... cont...

Sep 7 - Maleficent: The Hero and The Villain inside all of us

Have you watched “Maleficent” the Disney movie with Angelina Jolie? I watched it the other day and the symbolism of the hero and the villain was so striking that I just had to write about it. It was such a strong representation of the ‘Shadow’ that Carl G. Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist spoke about in his work.

Have you heard the quote that says “the qualities that bother you the most in others are actually those that you don’t like about yourself”? Well I had heard it many... cont...

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