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I have been working really hard over the past few weeks with very little time off and I’ve noticed how pressure and stress are affecting my life balance. I had decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business not only to follow my passion for coaching but also because I wanted to maintain a balance in my life and most importantly spend time with my son.

My son turns 3 next week! Milestones often offer us the opportunity to stop and re-evaluate our situation. Am I on the path I had drawn for myself 4 years ago?

The answer is yes! I am even further down the path than I thought I would be.   The reality is when your dreams come true and you’re following your passion there will be times where your life will be out of balance because you have set the wheel in motion. Just make sure you always have your top values in mind. What is more important to you? Success, family, making money, peace, having a balanced life…? Whatever happens, in order to be happy and stay true to yourself make sure you honour your highest values.

If I have a high value around balance I need to make sure that I find something to re-balance me when I’m out of balance! Usually a good night sleep, exercise or a massage do the trick.

So when the heat is on, make sure you have a self-check system in place that helps you take care of yourself when you need to before it’s too late. A system that will allow you to realize when you’re running on your battery power without taking the time to stop and recharge. The question you need to be asking yourself when the heat is on is what are my re-balancers? What do I need to do to take care of myself and re-balance right now?

“Success comes at a cost!”  We’ve all heard this expression before. The good news is you can decide what the cost will be and live your life accordingly.

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