(Marketing Manager, Anna)

I came to a point in my life where whichever aspect I looked at I felt "stuck" and I realised that this time the old methods (friends, self help books, etc) were not working anymore and I was getting increasingly frustrated, That was when I realised I had come as far as I could on my own and now I needed help. It was then that I met Rawan. Over the weeks we worked on each aspect in turn, looking at what matched my core values and what didnt. At the end of our process I discovered more about myself and what makes me happy, what things are essential for me, what my priorities are, what will work for me and what won't and why.

I will always remember one sentence Rawan said to me at the very beginning when I said that I couldnt understand why, for the first time in my life, every aspect of my life seemed to be a mess. She said " The outside world is just a reflection of your inner world. Everything seems a mess because right now you are not clear on what you want."' Now I know exactly what she meant. If I am where I am today, in my dream job, loving the city I live in and with some amazing people in my life it is thanks to her help.

I realized by the end of my time with Rawan that it was never about strategy or motivation but about finding a way to reach the goal by aligning it with my values

Abu Dhabi