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Passion seems to be the message for me this week. Something along the lines of “follow your passion and all doors will open up for you”.
It started with my first voice lesson on Sunday. Yes I am singing again and I love my teacher!
Then 2 amazing days at the Celebration of Entrepreneurship conference. This place was buzzing with positive, upbeat energy. All the attendees were entrepreneurs with small or big ideas who are extremely passionate about what they do. It was a true blessing to be able to connect with such amazing people at that intellectual level and to see so many of them speak and share their mistakes and successes. There’s a special spark in the eyes of those people who are passionate about what they do. Unfortunately, this spark has become elusive because most people allowed their internal flame to die out giving way to the practical, the necessary and the safe. Sometimes we give up on our dreams and don’t even realize that we are.
And finally this weekend I have been able to experience Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms dance workshop. It is an expressive form of dancing, healing through movement. It is so liberating and so free-flowing! No rules, no structure just a “Wave” of movement where you are the choreographer and your body is just painting a beautiful picture of how you feel and view your world at that moment of time. The dance floor becomes your canvas!

This week has, in many ways, been very significant to me. It has carried many gifts for which I am very grateful and has opened up my eyes to the countless possibilities out there. I am learning something new everyday and being enlightened on my journey. This week has helped me grow as a person and a coach. As I figure out the way forward I will be sharing all my gifts with you. So stay tuned for some exciting news in the near future.

I am passionate, I am alive, I am free! Thank you Lord for showing me the way!

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