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Laziness an enemy or a friend

Are you a starter or a completer? Do you find that you often get excited about new ideas and new activities, start them and soon enough just lose interest and move on to something else? You might start feeling guilty about it, blaming yourself and that voice in your head starts reminding you of all the previous times you have done exactly the same thing… “When will you ever learn? You are just a starter. You can never finish anything! You are lazy and a procrastinator, so why waste your time and energy?”
If this sounds like you, do not worry, you are not alone! Instead of putting yourself down, step out of this negative space into a more curious one; a space where you are not judging yourself, but rather trying to understand your relationship to laziness and procrastination.
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  1. Stefani says:

    i am not a patcrrsoinator but I do like to be busy – when i have nothing to do and no supervision…umm..I blog. like now. i dont have any projects and I have a meeting in an hour so I am blogging. I have no one that I check in with and the minute something lands on my desk I do it and then get back to my very important posting and commenting.

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