(Lawyer, Abu Dhabi)

I had a number of sessions with Rawan over a six month period specifically to address my weight loss goal. It was very useful to address some of the underlying issues but also to have an avenue to talk about many of the other things that came up in life along the way. Whilst we developed a weight-loss strategy I realized by the end of my time with Rawan that it was never about strategy or motivation but about finding a way to reach the goal by aligning it with my values (as opposed to doing something simply because I felt I should). Rawan's warm, approachable and gently inquiring manner along with her encouragement helped me to find the key to my success.

Rawan is an amazing coach who has an incredible ability to connect with my unconscious and help me uncover root causes to what is affecting my journey to my purpose.

Vice President Strategy,
Hospitality Industry