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Be a Child for a Day

I look at my son and I am amazed by the way he views the world and interacts with it. His eyes are always filled with such curiosity. Life is a playground where he experiments through touching, listening, observing, learning and exploring. The sheer excitement about every little new thing he discovers makes me realise how much we, as adults, take for granted.
The small things that used to mean a lot are replaced with the bigger, more materialistic things over time. Small victories and joys are replaced with larger plans and goals and these goals seem to get bigger as we grow older. We train ourselves to keep our eyes on the target so that when we reach it we do not linger; once a goal is achieved we immediately start making new plans and already have our eyes set on the next goal. As a result, we lose sight of what once meant so much, which causes us to feel disoriented and confused.
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