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Deep Conversations

As a personal development coach I meet a lot of people. What strikes me the most is that 80% of them are longing to find someone they can have a deep conversation with; someone they can share their interests and viewpoints without being judged. People in general are tired of living on the surface and having superficial conversations out of politeness or courtesy. They long to break out of the mold that society has shaped for them.
As little children, we are expected to be who others want us to be and to behave in a certain way. Of course boundaries are very important but it becomes dangerous when these boundaries stop us from blossoming into who we are meant to become. Growing up, in order to please and belong, we give up a part of who we are and we end up conforming and adapting.

Read the full article as I contributed it to Sail Magazine.

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  1. Tina Thomson says:

    I couldn’t agree more!
    We all grow up with paradigms that need to be questioned and often shattered! So many of our beliefs are merely un-tested traditions.
    What a joy and a release to be able to discuss these sensitive issues in a safe-space.

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