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Finding Balance

Freedom… what freedom? You know what I’m talking about right? The freedom to use your time as you wish and be who you want to be without having to report to anyone. This is the dream that you must have had since you were a teenager and it’s the same dream that most entrepreneurs are after. At the beginning it looks achievable but once the business is up and running it becomes so demanding that this freedom is the first thing that flies out the door; and with it fly your priorities as well as the balance you’ve been trying so hard to achieve.

For most of us life balance is an elusive concept. Unfortunately we recognize it most easily when our life is out of balance. Sure we all have those moments in life where we feel peaceful, fulfilled and balanced but we wish they could linger a little longer. What we don’t realize is that balance is not a destination in itself. It is all about the journey. It’s an on-going and ever-changing process. Achieving it might sound difficult but is, in fact, doable as long as you are aware of the fact that this balance, even when achieved, is constantly shifting. Imbalance in your life can be potentially dangerous so having a heightened sense of awareness and being flexible enough to continually adjust as you move forward is very important.

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