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The 5 P’s of the Egyptian Revolution

This is a special post in honour of the people of Egypt who have through peace, resilience and determination been able to end 30 years of autocracy and dictatorship. This is an ode to all those who have died defending their beliefs and fighting for a better future for their children. Hats off to you for you have been able to make the dream of every Arab come true. Hoping that in leading by example you have become an inspiration to every single person who believed they couldn’t make a difference and have now realized that they actually can.

- People: The people have spoken and they have chosen freedom and democracy.
- Peace: Through Peaceful Assembly they have made their demands heard
- Passion: Their passion for their country and the future of their children have fuelled this revolution
- Protests: Protests by the thousands were the only way to express their demands and have a voice
- Power: They have proven that the power belongs to those who choose to use it for the good of their people and not the selfish desires of their ego. By harnessing the power of the internet, activists like Wael Ghonem were able to magnify the effect of the protests, rally the people and give them a much stronger global voice.

The message here for all of us is that in unity there is power and when you believe in yourself you can move mountains and overthrow entire regimes, even those that seemed impossible to change. The next time you feel powerless and weak, find your own P’s and start your own revolution. You CAN make a difference no matter how small you think you are.

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