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The wave of change

It’s amazing how much can happen in a few months… the wave of change can sweep you up and carry you to territories unknown without you even realizing where you’re going.
You might know what direction you’re taking or whereabouts you’re heading but life has an amazing way of surprising you at every corner.
Using my success and ambition as a spring board and my intuition as a compass, I decided to change direction almost a year ago now… a lot has happened since. I grew in many ways, I learnt a lot and I got to work on many interesting projects with lots of amazing people but I find myself back to where I started except now I seem to be looking at the next step from a different place; a higher place of consciousness, a more mature place.
This place is very exciting. It’s a place of anticipation and waiting… without knowing what the next step is exactly, I just intuitively know that something great is about to happen. I trust that I am being taken care of, I truly believe that God is looking after me… He has a plan for me. By deciding to step out of my comfort zone and discovering what is out there I am making a commitment to live on purpose and make that plan a reality.
I am not worried, anxious or scared. It’s hard to explain in a material, tangible way… when someone asks what I am going to do next I just smile and say I don’t know yet but I’m definitely about to find out :O)
People cannot identify with this reaction and some of them might even think I’m crazy or that I simply don’t care but the reality is, I’m in such a trusting safe space that I don’t need to ask any questions. I just plant my seeds and I know I will be reaping the fruits of my efforts very soon. In the meantime I wait and enjoy the journey.

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