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The love revolution

We have been losing a lot of great musical/artistic talent in the world the past few years: Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and today Whitney Houston!

While I pray that they rest in peace I can’t help but feel sad and consumed by what life might have meant to all of these amazingly talented people who have touched so many souls. Their fame and all the demands that come with keeping up with a celebrity status were ultimately the reason why they left so early in the game.
Despite all the money they made in their lifetime, the heights they’ve reached in their careers and the fact that some of them even became legends, they died because of the pressure that comes with the role. If a person is not mentally, psychologically and emotionally equipped to deal with the demands of being a celebrity then they are doomed. Society sets the price.There’s an entourage, demands, expectations and temptations… lots and lots of temptations. They lose track of what love, care and compassion really mean and they fall prey to those who take advantage of them. At the end of the day, this celebrity is only a person with a mask who, on the outside must always keep pretenses but is really suffering on the inside.

The death of these icons is a wake up call to all of us! Life is too precious to be squandered because of image and what others expect us to be. If life becomes so difficult to deal with, don’t find an escape. Instead hang on to your dreams, your capabilities and the few people who you know love you unconditionally. They will help you through the toughest times and if they can’t help they know where to direct you. The key is to never lose FAITH. If you do not have a strong belief anchored in faith that someone bigger is out there taking care of you and helping you live on purpose then you you will not stand a chance in the face of fear and human expectations.
These are very challenging times. Society has become more judgmental; we unfortunately measure our own worth based on what others expect of us. Now is the time to start turning inside for answers. The world has become cold, heartless, unjust and cruel… it will take a lot of LOVE to turn things around. Love starts from within. I invite you all today to spread the light and start this love revolution.
Sadness is one of the strongest human emotions capable of moving people into action. May the sadness in our hearts today remind us to keep the faith and give us all the power to love even more strongly tomorrow.

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  1. Tarek Khorshid says:

    Rawan, that was just beautiful and true. i will share it if you do not mind. keep it coming. great job.

  2. Deepa James says:

    This is very well said and a wonderful wake up call. Your thoughts are inspiring.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Tarek for your support. Of course you can share it!

  4. admin says:

    Thank you Deepa!

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