(Real Estate Specialist)

Rawan is a beautiful person. As soon as she looks at you, you can feel her warmth, her empathy and her openness. She understands what people go through in life, the ups and the downs and she reaffirms that she will be by your side through it all. That is something we are all looking for. I met Rawan at a time in my life when I felt I had lost a lot that was important to me. She gave me valuable insight and helped me draw some very important conclusions about who I am and what is really important. Her optimism and confidence in the power of manifestation and positive thinking are infectious. She is like having your own cheer-leading squad as you try to cross the finish line. Thank you Rawan, you're fabulous darling!!!

I am usually suspicious and don't trust people easily but I was amazed by how quickly Rawan succeeded in establishing a comfortable and reliable relationship with me.

Senior Financial Analyst,
Investment Bank