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Life’s lessons

An old Chinese proverb says “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” I have witnessed this as truth in my own life and the life of the various people I coached. The teacher appears bringing with them a lesson. The lesson starts small and gets bigger and bigger for you to see it and learn from it. It’s like a small drawing that you keep zooming into; it keeps growing until you simply can’t ignore it anymore. Sometimes it grows into a huge problem that might even suffocate you; an issue that might seem too big for you to resolve is simply life throwing a lesson at you, expecting you to just deal with it. More often than not you discover you have more resilience, more strength and more resourcefulness than you ever thought you had. If you tap into your inner wisdom, you will always find ways of dealing with what shows up. Unfortunately, sometimes in life we need to be broken before we can build ourselves up again.
And we might be broken more than once:”The lesson keeps repeating itself until it’s learned”. So if you don’t get it the first time and change, chances are the lesson will come back disguised as a different problem with the same core message.
The next time you find yourself struggling to figure out a problem stop for a moment and think about the lesson there. Is this situation similar to something you have faced in the past? What is life trying to tell you and how do you need to change your perspective in order to take the message in and really learn that lesson once and for all?

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