(Entrepreneur and Business Owner)

To everyone it seemed like I was on top of the world, happy & successful. But this was not the truth and I felt lost and confused and too proud to admit it. I needed someone to be my catalyst, to help guide me through my confusion and help me to get back on a healthier track. I was skeptical before meeting Rawan, but when I finally sat down with her I immediately felt at ease, like I could tell her everything, and I did. Her patience, guidance and feedback where priceless and I found myself re-engaged with my life with more passion and positive insight than I had in a very long time. Investing in meeting with Rawan was in essence a genuine investment in myself and I will continue to reap the rewards for the rest of my life. Thank you Rawan for everything, for being a life coach and a friend, having you in my life is a true blessing.

She has an excellent style and great skill which seem quite natural. I quickly felt comfortable and that I could trust her.

Dave Bradley
General Manager,
Marketing Research Company