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Shout it on the Mountain Tops

When I was 16, I auditioned for a musical play and was chosen to represent my country in the performance that was going to be held in the UK, back in 1992, so you do the math. It was the first time I ever left my family and traveled on my own and although it was tough at first, it definitely was an experience I will never forget! Some of the friends I made back then are still my friends today.

Working hard to put a play together and rehearse it, being together through the tough times but most importantly creating something we love together is what brought us closer. These friends shared with me what I consider today to be one of the greatest moments of my life, at a time where I felt I was on top of the world; I was so connected to my purpose and felt absolutely alive! Nothing could stand in my way. This became my point of reference.

Since then I’ve known what it really means to be fully alive and claim joy, laughter, success and bliss. Of course, one cannot constantly be living at such a high but living this experience meant that I now know what it takes to get there again. Whenever I feel down, I know I have the power to pick myself up again and move forward.

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