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Life’s different turns

They call it change I just call it another turn… A left turn, a right turn, it doesn’t really matter it’s just a continuation on this journey called life.
Every new turn brings its own challenges and shows us a part of ourselves that we didn’t really know existed. Danger ahead? Meet Ms. “I can face anything!”; sorrow? Meet Ms. “devastated but I will learn how to cope”; what looks like a huge barrier at work? Meet Ms. “I am anxious but I will learn how to overcome this”; a new role? becoming a GM? becoming a mother? Meet Ms. “I am new at this but I know I have what it takes to be the best!”

Whatever the turn and whatever the challenge, I have learned from my own experience and through working with the 150+ clients I’ve had that sometimes it might be hard, sometimes we might feel like this is the end of the road, we’re suffocating and we can’t do it but we always rise up to the occasion in the end! Why? because human beings are built to be resilient, resourceful, creative and brave. While we are built this way, I have found that the reason why we fail at first or feel weak and succumb to the pressure is because we often don’t trust ourselves and we simply don’t believe that we can do it.

Sometimes life throws experiences at us, we get scared and we react a certain way. This reaction becomes imprinted in our brain and we start believing that it is our truth. The self-talk may sound something like “I’m a coward!”, “I can never do this!”, “I will always fail so why even try?” All these negative internal messages end up affecting all our future decisions. We unconsciously become the barrier on our own road and we limit our progress and growth.
We can remove this barrier! It must all start with a bit of self-love and a pinch of self-confidence. If you believe you can do it and love yourself enough to try nothing is hard. Change, instead of looking like this big beast may still be hard to cope with and not fun but becomes definitely something we can overcome and become.

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