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Have an Attitude of Gratitude

It sounds cliché doesn’t it? And yet it’s so important. If you cannot be grateful for what you have you will not appreciate what you’re about to receive. You know many of my clients come to me because they don’t find meaning in their life anymore. Somehow they seem to be constantly struggling and running but in vain! They are successful, have achieved goals they always wanted to achieve but for some reason have lost their zest for life. “I don’t know where I’m going”, “Nothing I do excites me anymore”, “I used to be so active and full of life, what happened?” “I feel blahhhh” …

Are you wondering why you or some of these people might be feeling this way? That’s because what you’ve been feeding all this time is your ego and the ego always wants more. What you want to be feeding is your soul but your soul will never be satisfied with the Prada bag or the Porsche. Your soul doesn’t care about what you can afford but it cares about what you pay attention to and how you grow as an individual. Remember that feeling you had as a child when you were able to achieve something for the first time? Or that time when something happened and you felt so happy you were on top of the world and you were unbeatable? How can you create such moments in your life today? What is missing and where have you compromised a little too much maybe? Where have you let yourself down and where do you wish you had done something differently?

All these are important questions to ask but don’t stop here, read on. Here is my humble recipe for feeding your soul:

- Count your blessings

- Remember all the people who made a difference in your life and pay it forward. Try to do something or make a difference for someone else

- Remember all those who have hurt you, forgive them and release their wrong-doings into the universe

- Put your heart at peace, say a prayer every day

- Allow yourself to dream and visualize what you want your tomorrow to look like. If you can’t see it and feel it, how can you make it happen?

- Write things down. Journal, have a conversation with yourself or with the universe just write it down. There is an amazing connection between your pen and your brain, so healing and so powerful

- Be prepared to be courageous at times and vulnerable at other times. Vulnerability is not weakness. It is the ability to be authentic and show your flaws even at the lowest points in your life

- Be genuine and authentic at all times even if who you are being may disappoint a few people. You cannot be who everyone else wants you to be. You can only be yourself

- Say no often and only say yes to those things and people who will help you grow and walk by your side on your journey to achieving your life purpose

- Have deep conversations with your friends and loved ones

- Be kind to yourself as well as others

- Ask for what you want and be open to receive it. The universe’s gifts are bountiful

- Value yourself and believe that you truly deserve the gifts you are about to receive

- Laugh often, especially at your own mistakes. They are but lessons that will help you grow

- No matter what you do be mindful of it and have fun in the process

- Have no regrets!

- Live passionately

- Adopt an abundance mindset, you will never be left wanting

- Always be grateful.

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