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A hole in the heart

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine yesterday and I was sharing with her a discussion I had with someone that morning about Designer Bags. You see I am a coach and I never judge people who buy designer bags. It is their decision, their money and it is all relative. What 100 might represent for one person could be worth a 1000 to someone else… Another item on the agenda was the “Selfie” culture we are witnessing today. What is this obsession we have with ourselves I asked? Clearly these two issues represent a clash at the level of my own personal values and that’s why I am intrigued by them. When I think about Designer bags and Selfies I get a feeling of sadness. Not irritation, or frustration or jealousy or disgust… just deep sadness. When I explained the way I feel about it, what my friend said made it all very clear to me; so clear that I decided to write about it here. This is my attempt at a poem… freestyle expression of a deeper desire to share a vision I have if I may…

We live in a wounded modern world

A world where everyone is so busy and love seems to be absent

A world where we are fighting for recognition, acknowledgement and validation

A world where we are so desperate to be seen

If I can’t tell my story maybe my Selfie can… here are my different outfits, my different faces, the smile I wear in different places

And if my hand is not long enough to capture the background of my success, I’ll use the Selfie stick… it can give all my followers the full picture and it’ll only take a click

I don’t have time to meet you for a coffee because I’m too busy you see but we can have a virtual conversation where you can at least see my selfie

We live in an individualistic society where the collective good has been replaced by the exclusive advantage

We seem to be in a race, running at a very fast pace trying to replace the old useless world and giving it a new face

Where we’re going nobody knows but it’s all about the journey don’t you agree?

So instead of treading lightly let’s carry the heavy weights, drive the fastest most expensive car and confirm our status with a designer handbag…

It’s all so clear you see, for we are filling our lives with stuff hoping that one day it will all be enough…

The collective wound will heal and the world will finally be at peace

But it will take much more than a designer bag to fill that hole in our hearts, and much more than the Selfie to give ourselves a real shot at life

Where happiness is in the presence of others and it’s the smile of our loved ones that matters in the frame more than the selfie I tweet to followers some of whom don’t even have a name

4 Responses

  1. Karen says:

    Well said Rawan, people are so stuck behind artificial self fullfilments that real happiness and simple satisfactiction are almost forgotten. The main interest is sadly bound by selfies, check ins and designers items. Raising our kids in such an artificial bubble became a big challenge.

  2. TonyB says:

    Hi Rawan

    You’re not alone in feeling like this – I love that you committed your compassion in a poem.

    And I think that’s all I can offer – compassion…it’s not easy finding our way in the world…and there are so many different ways to say “Hey, look at me, I matter!”

    I’m still finding my way and the only thing that changes with age is the compassion with which I hold myself and others – it’s not easy…and it’s all good – even the bad bits!

    Love to all of us for trying


  3. admin says:

    Thank you Karen for sharing your thoughts. I know the artificial bubble you’re mentioning and it makes our job as parents all the more important.

  4. admin says:

    Thank you so much Tony for your input. Yes compassion is a key word that we all could use more of in our life.

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