(Customer Services Manager, Dubai)

I was about to embark on a new role, and aware of the challenges working in Dubai can pose for structured and organised individuals I wanted to make sure that I dealt better with frustrations I knew were inevitable. After some research, I opted to find a life coach never realising just what the journey would reveal. I had my first meeting with Rawan and very quickly she helped me to identify some very different challenges and frustrations that I had in my life. This took me on a very different journey from what I expected, however one that was very necessary. I now have the power to see things more clearly and make different choices from before meaning I will have a very different future. My life is ultimately richer for having allowed Rawan into my life, her ability to listen and question is without doubt a true gift. If you think a life coach will give you the answers you are wrong, what Rawan does is guide you to search for the truth inside of you and she has an amazing ability to do just that. If you are at the stage of looking for a life coach my advice is look no further - you have found a great one in Rawan and you can look forward to a clearer future.

She shows full support and total acceptance that makes it easy to feel in a safe environment and dare address issues that come up, and take the next leap forward.

Vice President Strategy,
Hospitality Industry