(Senior Financial Analyst, Investment Bank)

I moved from London to Dubai a year ago to give a new direction to my career and certainly because I thought that this new place would magically make my European unhappiness, my stress and my anxiety disappear. Well, It did not! and I quickly realized that many areas in my life needed to be sorted out. I am usually suspicious and don't trust people easily but I was amazed by how quickly Rawan succeeded in establishing a comfortable and reliable relationship with me. I completely opened up after our first discovery meeting. Our sessions first helped me realize where I do stand in my life in different areas and where I want to be. From there we could then focus on how to build the starting blocks to reach my objectives. Rawan is professional, supportive, a good listener, efficient and she has that brilliant talent to show clarity in what first seems to be a complete mess. Each session was a gift of more awareness and more positive energy. I made huge steps with Rawan and I recommend her assistance to anyone willing to make a progress in their professional or personal life.

My time with Rawan to date has been very valuable in many ways.

Tina S
Marketing Manager